“I love a design project and my first phone call is always to Nina at Custom Planned Interiors.  Home, office or camp; kitchen, bath or meeting room, Nina’s expertise is unlimited! The resources CPI offers in furniture, lighting, fabric, flooring, accessories are endless. Always of great quality, beauty and most of all comfortable and functional.  The most significant reason I continue to do business with CPI is that Nina’s designs are timeless –and in our busy lives, it’s so important to do a project right the first time and enjoy them for a lifetime.”



“There is nothing better than to have my day brightened by a ray from Custom Planned Interiors. You guys carry the most beautiful sofas in the whole universe!  Our new sofa is lending a certain sophistication while maintaining a simple elegance here in our home. We couldn’t be happier. In fact, when I think of happiness, I think of me!  And quite honestly I am not so much sitting on it as I am sitting across from it– so I may take in the view.”



“Nina’s approach to my apartment was elegant, unique and practical. She finds fabulous solutions for the spaces she works with. My favorite piece of the furniture is the sofa with storage underneath it –made from salvaged wood and a velvet cushion on top. She drew me a picture of it so I could imagine the way it would look and then added dimensions so the carpenter found it very easy to work with. There are many other “little” things that just changed the way I see my apartment now –like rounded bathroom curtain rods, that enlarge the shower space.

She even found me one of the best  mattresses made from all organic products. There are many of them on the market but Nina knew which one I should try and offered me an excellent price. I really enjoyed her presence in my new home and hope to work with her in the future during the renovations and other alterations in my apartment.”



“My family has done business with Custom Planned Interiors for decades. This family-team provides the utmost quality in services and products, always going above and beyond. Therefore, when I moved to Boston, MA and was in need of new bedding, there was no other option than to call Nina! I simply cannot say enough good things about my new mattress and pillows. It truly is like sleeping on a cloud, which is what I desperately needed due to my chronic back pain. The best part about their products is they are organic and eco-friendly. Thank you, again, Custom Planned Interiors for the amazing products you carry and make available to me, my family and all of your clients!”



“My wall paper makes me smile every day!

When someone does not perceive the significance of art, it is then that you would be extremely grateful to CPI for their skill and knowledge of interior design.  It would only be honorable to share them with the world!

My home was in need of an extreme makeover due to a fire.  This is what CPI did for me…laid out every room and size. Every color was determined by them as well. If a color was not available to their discretion, they made it!   The wallpaper was hung to perfection. The window coverings make me smile every day!  The furniture and leather was very carefully selected and is of high-level quality. The light fixtures and rooms all harmonize with one another. Their competence made me feel very secure.

I have a HAPPY home due to the fact that CPI designed it!”



“After super storm Sandy washed away all of my belongings, I was fortunate enough to meet Nina. Needing almost all new furniture, I did not know where to start. She went above and beyond to help me in every possible way. I highly recommend her and her company. The furniture was very high quality and the pricing was affordable. The shipping company they used was also very fast, efficient and professional. I can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and for caring so much about improving my situation! I will be working with Nina again when I get a bigger place!”

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